I feel good when I learn

A true nerd, through and through

What I like

I thoroughly enjoy having exploratory conversations with open-minded people. I live for the “aha” moment. My mission is to maximize these instances and then apply the ideas and principles I acquire from them as broadly as I can.

An Overview


I grew up in a small, rural town called Peotone, Illinois. I was raised by an amazingly loving family. Here, I developed my love for learning, competition, and art.


I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Technology & Management, from the University of Illinois. This is where I started to lead.


I've spent 12+ months solo backpacking to nearly 40 different countries. By being thrust into many different environments, I started to learn how to think.


While working in Silicon Valley, I lived in a 98' Dodge van for 12 months. This is how I internalized the futility behind the attainment of status.


After a failed startup experience, I launched my own consultancy. I've been happily self-employed since. This is how I began learning about true value creation.


My favorite work comes from helping spread impactful ideas. This is why I've launched PaaS Media: a service to help creators easily produce podcasts.

What I'm Working On

PaaS Media is a full-service, turnkey podcasting service for content creators. We take the guesswork out of podcasting and content marketing. Just turn on the microphones and we’ll take it from there.


Behind the Podcast is a podcast about podcasts. We discuss the origin stories, best practices, and business side of some of the world’s top podcasts. Our mission is to build a community of podcasters.

5 Songs With Friends is a podcast that explores under-the-radar artists throughout the world. We’ve shared the stories and music of more than 100 artists across 5 continents.

My clients

"DJ pioneered the launch of our Alexa Skill and makes sure we're ahead of the game on this emerging platform. He's been a dependable part of our team since day one."
Jordan Harbinger
Creator, The Jordan Harbinger Show
"DJ has been a huge help. We've recently had some of our best months ever, and it would have been a struggle if I didn't trust him to take good care of our customers even as we've scaled."
Charlie Houpert
Founder, Charisma on Command

Get in Touch


The best way to get ahold of me is through email: dj@djpodgorny.com


If matters are urgent, you can call or text me here:



You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram