I had been on a hot streak for the last few weeks. I had my diet dialed in. I hit my workouts. I’ve been extremely productive in my career and hitting all-time highs with my podcast.

In other words, I built up a ton of momentum. And, when you have momentum, it feels like things will always go your way. When you’re on the top, you can forget what being on the bottom feels like.

But, if you’re not careful, mediocrity will creep its way back into your life. It starts with missing a workout or bailing on a meeting last second because you’re swamped with work. You think a small transgression won’t have an impact on the bigger picture.

And, if you’re ruthless in your routine, it likely won’t. We’re all prone to mistakes and slip ups; it happens. If we’re truly seeking greatness, we will fail constantly as we push our limits, find our boundaries, and force ourselves to grow.

But, momentum of any kind is volatile. A small win gives you confidence and can parlay itself into a bigger win. When you’re on a roll, keeping things moving in the right direction is seamless. And spiraling upwards is a beautiful thing.

The opposite is true as well. One unhealthy meal opens the door to an entire day of binge eating. One day leads to an entire weekend and a “I’ll start over on Monday” mentality. Good begets good. Bad begets bad.

This is why I’m trying to do a better job of planning my breaks in life and preparing for them when they arise. I am attempting to create contingency plans and methodologies that help me maintain my momentum in the face of the chaos.

I do my best to plan my transgressions and make it easy to take positive actions as soon as possible afterwards. If I eat poorly one night, I’m back in the gym, hitting the sauna, taking a cold shower, and fasting for 15+ hours the next day. I get back on the wagon as quickly as I can.

Because I know, the more time away from living a healthy lifestyle, the harder it will be to get back to having positive momentum. And positive momentum is the only way to truly achieve greatness because it makes your good behaviors seem like they’re on autopilot.

When you’ve got momentum, it’s easier to say no. It’s easier to resist temptations. Things just seem easier, on the whole.

That’s why I’m doing everything I can to maintain it, at all costs.

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