Sober October 2019

More than four years ago (man, time flies), I did a pursuit of individual excellence and wrote about it here. This was one of the most transformative months of my life and I vowed to repeat the challenge consistently.

Alas, life happened and I never followed through on my plans.

Now is the time for redemption. I present to you:

The Sober October 2019 Challenge

I heard about Sober October from my favorite DMT-smoking TRT advocate, Joe Rogan. Every year he and his ragtag group of friends partake in abstinence of all alcohol and add some sort of physical commitment to the entire month.

Being the follower I am, I gave Sober October a go in 2018 and didn’t have a single sip of alcohol or smoke any weed for 31 days straight.

The alcohol part wasn’t too difficult, as I was in the middle of a 100-day sobriety pact I made with myself after a bachelor party where I drank close to 50 beers in one weekend. Cutting the weed wasn’t too tough either, but it was something I found myself missing substantially more than the booze.

Regardless, the staunch minimalist in me found it to be a good exercise to cut back and be more “intentional” with the things I put in my body. Anytime you voluntarily break a habit, you create space to understand why you do what you do. From there, you can make a healthy decision to continue, adjust, or eliminate going forward.

This year’s challenge

For the second year in a row, my man Michael Shariff is joining me on the Sober October challenge. This year we are going balls to the wall and cutting out alcohol, weed, and caffeine entirely.

Buckle up; this could be a bumpy ride.

BUT, to make things even harder (because I’m also a masochist), I’ve added a few wrinkles to make it even more interesting.

Mental Discipline

No booze.

No weed.

No caffeine.

No other drugs of any kind.

Physical Discipline

I must complete four 48 hour fasts before month’s end.

I will complete ten one-hour boxing classes before month’s end.


I will read five books in their entirety before month’s end.


I will write 20 articles or blog posts this month (minimum 500 words).

There’s the challenge. Send me a message if you want to join in.

We’ll have fun with it.

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