This is the Life I Chose

This is the Life I Chose

“It’s not supposed to be easy…that’s why it feels so fucking good.” — AWOLNATION (a true modern poet)

I’m a big fan of Impact Theory’s podcast hosted by Tom Bilyeu, one of the founders of Quest Nutrition. On an episode I listened to today, he shared something simple, yet profound.

He mentioned that anytime he and his wife get stressed out about the monumental tasks they have in front of them, they always remind themselves of the following: I chose this life.

This wisdom found me at just the right time. While I was on a pretty solid run for a few weeks, this week was a bit of a drag.

I had client issues. I didn’t sleep great. My workouts sucked. I felt unproductive. My ideas weren’t as successful as I hoped they’d be.

It was just a shitty week, to be quite honest. And, while I know my problems aren’t meaningful in the grand scheme of things, that sure as hell did stop my emotions from making me feel like everything I had worked for was slipping away.

But this is the life I chose. As Mark Manson says, there will always be problems, you just have to hope that you have good problems. Objectively, these were all good problems.

Most of the things that got under my skin this week were problems of success. They were problems that many people would be thankful for. And, when I take a step back, I am also grateful for them.

Because (cliche alert) you don’t know the good without the bad. Ask anyone in California, 75 and sunny doesn’t feel as in San Francisco as it does in Chicago. Summer is the pay off for enduring winter.

If you have nothing to compare your success to, you’ll get used to it. And if you get used to it, you will loose your drive. Be thankful for the struggle, it makes you feel the true sweetness of success and keeps you going.

So, did this week suck shit? You know it. Am I over it? Yes.

This is what I signed up for. Because living a life without failure and pain also means living a life without triumph and reward.

And there’s nothing I fear more than being average.

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